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Troubles trying to load larger WAV files in SFZ instrument

Jul 31, 2014 at 5:23 PM
I am trying to write a program that plays a song that only uses piano, but will have a lot of overlapping tones. My program is

The WAV files that are included with C# Synth Project are very short clips that loop and are compact. They don't take a lot of memory.

However, the piano sounds are too thick for my songs, when each note sustains the way an organ would, and not the way a piano should.

I found great-sounding piano samples in SFZ format from Mildon Studios ( It sounds great but the samples are very large compared to the rest of the GM library included here. When I try to modify GM.txt to point to Mildon, I get "out of memory" errors.

I've tried reducing the sample library to just one velocity, and lowering the WAV files to 44.1K and 22.05K 16-bit mono, and am just struggling to get it to load and to play sounds that don't loop. (Does this synth even handle correctly playing SFZ files that don't loop?) Even if the Mildon.SFZ file points to just one non-looping WAV file it does not load and sound right.

Any suggestions on what I can do?



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